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Personal Information

Samah Medhkour

Berkeley, CA.



2019 – Present            UC Berkeley

Major in Studio Art and Minor in Arabic

Anticipated Graduation time (2021)



2016 – 2018    Berkeley City College – California.

Associate in Arts – Art History.

Highest Honors.

Associate in Arts – Art/Studio Art.

Highest Honors.

Associate in Arts – Art.

Highest Honors.

Associate in Arts – Liberal Arts/Arts & Humanities.

Highest Honors.

Certificate of Proficiency – English.

Certificate of Achievement – Art: Figure.

2000                Constantine Cultural Center – Algeria.

                                    Certificate in Photography.

1999                Regional School of Fine Arts – Algeria.

                                    Certificate in General Art.

1998                Algeria High School.

                                    High School Diploma.

                                    Highest Honors.


Professional Experience

            Teaching Experience

Jan 2016 – Present                  After-School Program (ASP) art teacher, MLK Middle School, CA

Sep 2016 – Dec 2016              ASP art teacher, Washington Elementary School, CA

Sep 2006 – March 2007          Art teacher, Sedrata Middle School, Sedrata, Algeria

Sep 2003 – Sep 2006              Art teacher, Sedrata High School, Sedrata, Algeria

            Academic-related Experience

Feb 2020 – Present                 Re-entry Student Program peer advisor.

June 2019 – Sep 2019             Student Parent Center Intern (Course Unit requirement).


Group Exhibitions

2019                Krober Art Show, UC Berkeley’s Art Department, California.

2013                Students’ Show, Berkeley City College’s Jerry Adams Gallery, California.

2011                Watercolor Retrospective Show, Jerry Adams Gallery, California.



2020                Re-entry Student Program (RSP) Service Leadership Mural Project.



Lori Nixon, After-School Program Specialist, King Middle School – LEARNS, Berkeley, CA.


John Alford-Leaks, Program Specialist, Washington Elementary School - LEARNS, Berkeley.


Virginia Marinos, Manager, Cory Beauty Liberated Company, New York.



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